This dark side of suburbia is somewhat unoriginal

Originally published inLGBT Weekly Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train In novels, I love unreliable narrators. I find the precarity of the truth titillating, even thrilling, especially as I slowly discover that what I’m reading isn’t to be trusted. I become a detective, looking for clues to what…

Simmah Down Now
#AmazonFail: Simmer down now. Or not.

I think I’ve pissed off some of my friends and colleagues over the last couple days by not being as quick to boycott Amazon for their newly discovered “policy” concerning “adult” books. Well, it probably wasn’t my reticence that annoyed. I may have pissed off some folks by playing Devil’s…

The 2008 Golden Teddy Awards for Most Excellence in Books

I only read seven works of fiction this year; I started four others and plan on finishing two of those. As for nonfiction, I read a heck of a lot of academic stuff but only a couple books that someone might read for, say, fun. So, take these Golden Teddy Awards for Most Excellence in Books with a grain of salt, whatever that means.

The Lost Coast

I got my new scannner in the mail today. I already have a scanner–I already have two, actually–but this new one has a contraption for scanning negatives. Which means I can digitize my old pictures quite easily. The first batch of negatives that I pulled out of the box (okay,…

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