Campus Rape Hysteria
“Campus Rape Hysteria”

I came across this sign on the way to one of my lectures this past week. It irritated me, and I took this picture to show a friend later. But then one of my students came up to me after class and told me how she was being sexually harassed…

Harvey Milk
This is why I do what I do

Today is the first Harvey Milk Day. After a long battle, our governor signed Mark Leno’s bill making Harvey Milk’s birthday a state holiday “day of recognition.” The law, SB-572, simply “encourage[s] public schools and educational institutions to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.” Whatever that means. Well, it means that if you live in a county whose school board is run by anti-intellectual bigots, you’ll never learn about Harvey Milk.

Why I do it

On Friday, my students turned in the final draft of their final paper. They had to write about an argument in DBC Pierre’s Booker-winning satire Vernon God Little. For instance, what is Pierre saying about masculinity in America? Or justice? Or the media? The book is profane and ridiculous, and…