My 10 Favorite Movies of 2012

I saw about 75 movies in 2012, and while I saw a couple dozen that I liked a great deal, very few movies about LGBT people or queer themes were given a wide release. And that is disappointing in general, but particularly for a critic writing for a paper called San Diego LGBT Weekly.

How To Survive A Plague

Toward the end of David France’s extraordinary documentary about the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, or ACT-UP, playwright and ACT-UP founder Larry Kramer says, “We, ACT-UP, got those drugs out there. It’s the proudest achievement that the gay population of this world can ever claim.”

Longtime Companion
Again, Never

It’s a fantasy; it will never happen, of course, and it is only in the film to make you cry, to create a false catharsis that once recognized as a lie will make you very angry. And so, it is required watching.

Harvey Milk
This is why I do what I do

Today is the first Harvey Milk Day. After a long battle, our governor signed Mark Leno’s bill making Harvey Milk’s birthday a state holiday “day of recognition.” The law, SB-572, simply “encourage[s] public schools and educational institutions to conduct suitable commemorative exercises on that date.” Whatever that means. Well, it means that if you live in a county whose school board is run by anti-intellectual bigots, you’ll never learn about Harvey Milk.

The 2008 Golden Teddy Awards for Most Excellence in Books

I only read seven works of fiction this year; I started four others and plan on finishing two of those. As for nonfiction, I read a heck of a lot of academic stuff but only a couple books that someone might read for, say, fun. So, take these Golden Teddy Awards for Most Excellence in Books with a grain of salt, whatever that means.

Two things I learned on today

No one hates me enough to say anything bad on my entry, and just yesterday, I received the following comment: “If you suck at writing, take this professor and he’ll help you!” That feels good. Sadly, my name is still listed as Gideons (missing e) in there, and that’s…

Me, Not Meth
Me, meth

I’ve been meaning to update the five or six people who still read my blog on how my studies are going, since, well, the whole reason I’m here in Blandiego is the studying. But, actually, no, I haven’t been studying. And no, I haven’t been doing meth. I’ve been doing…

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