Votives for Leonardo Gabriel Ramirez on July 3, 2015
Virgil and Burns

Yesterday evening, I was walking up Virgil, and a half block from the corner of Burns, I saw a stereotypically dressed and affected hipster — that slur for creative class types — strolling around the corner laughing on his cell phone. He strolled right into the collection of votive candles that have populated the southwest corner of that intersection since Leonardo Gabriel Ramirez, a 17 year old boy from the neighborhood, was shot and killed on May 23.

Joan Didion

I know when someone is thinking of me. I learn to deal with this.


Joan Didion
Play It As It Lays
Michel Foucault

Knowledge is not made for understanding; it is made for cutting.

Michel Foucault
"Nietzsche, Genealogy, History"
Britney Spears

The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.

Britney Spears
David Healy

It would seem that he who controls the means of data production controls consciousness.

David Healey
"The New Medical Oikumene"
A musical love letter to a fairytale version of Los Angeles

I relatively recently became a Los Angeleno, and among the many lessons I have learned since arriving is that the movies that taught me about L.A. are mostly bold, beautiful lies. I have long known that Hollywood is in the business of pablum, artifice and mythmaking; I’m a film critic,…


Some good essays, articles, blog posts, and poems from the archives.

On Friday, my students turned in the final draft of their final paper. They had to write about an argument in DBC Pierre’s Booker-winning satire Vernon God Little. For instance, what is Pierre saying about masculinity in America? Or justice? Or the media? The book is profane and ridiculous, and…

December 3, 2006 | 6

Kidding! Rob and I saw “The Da Vinci Code” in a packed matinee in La Jolla yesterday afternoon, and, well, it was pretty boring and pretty ridiculous and not very thrilling, and it was obvious. After about a half-hour, or maybe it was three hours, whatever would be a third…

May 21, 2006 | 8


These are my jams.

29 #Strafford APTS
Cheap Thrills
A 1000 Times
Drone Bomb Me
Day 15: A Song That Describes Me
Day 22: A Song I Listen To When I’m Sad