Those of you who have been using the Internet for longer than, say, 20 minutes should probably have figured out that this thing you’re reading is the personal website of Ted Gideonse (pronounced gid-ee-unz). I am an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Program in Public Health at the University of California, Irvine. In June, 2013, I received my PhD in anthropology from UC San Diego, where I specialized in medical and psychological anthropology. For many years I was a journalist, an editor, and a film critic.

This site replaced what was known as The Gideonse Bible, a free-ranging, old-school blog that probably is not appropriate to have live when you are, like me, someone trying to command respect in academia. It’s still there, but it’s not accessible to anyone unless that have the password that I only give to people who I know understand my sense of humor. I hate to self-censor, but them’s the breaks.

Also on this domain are websites I have built for my various classes (none of which are live at the moment). I also use this domain as a play area for websites I’m building for various clients. I built the sites for San Diego Writers, Ink, the Association for Queer Anthropology, and the Society for Psychological Anthropology.

If you want to know more about my professional background, you can read my CV or my LinkedIn profile. And I have an exhaustive list of my writing on the Publications page.

As for getting in touch, here’s a handy dandy webform.