Channing Tatum

I wrote a few reviews

I used to post all of my reviews on here first, but I realized I was stealing, like, 20 readers a week from LGBT Weekly, so now I’m posting them late or just on my Publications page. But I think from now on I’ll do — or try to remember to do — monthly wrap-ups .

One of the Side Effects is sleepwalking

After directing Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Out of Sight, The Limey, Traffic, Erin Brockovich, Oceans 11, Che, The Informant, and Magic Mike, I would want to go out with a bang. Side Effects is a whimper. It’s basically a long, relatively well-acted Law & Order episode, complete with discussions of double jeopardy and a “shocking” but offensively retrograde ending.

Could it be magic?

How much did I love Magic Mike? So much. When I told a couple of friends that I was taking my boyfriend to see Channing Tatum dance in a strip club in Magic Mike, there was an exultant, “Oh, that looks sooo bad!” They had the so-bad-it’s-good bloodlust; they were…


The other way to make a movie out of a TV show is to admit that the original was cheesy or updating it would be impossible, so you make a wacky, preferably filthy comedy doused in enough irony to make John Waters smirk. The movie based on 21 Jump Street takes this tact, and – what a relief – it works. Okay, it more than works. It’s really, really funny – as long as you ignore the homophobia.