[30 Day Song Challenge] Day 1: My Favorite Song

The 30 Day Song Challenge is a Facebook meme in which you post a song — or rather, a video of a song — every day for a month, with each song falling into a set category for that day. Day 1, for example is “your favorite song.” The rules are posted here. I know that this was meant to be done on Facebook, but video posts have such limited captioning. So, I’m going to do it on my blog. This also means that my non-Facebooked family and friends can play along. (And you’re still not on Facebook? Really?)

When I posted this on Facebook yesterday, I wrote, “WTF? Who has only one favorite song? This is the one that popped into my head.” But then I realized, this is my favorite song. It’s perfect. Not only is it one of the greatest written pop songs ever, and it’s probably even the best thing Prince has written, which is really saying something, but Sinéad O’Connor’s performance of it is both gut-wrenching and beautiful. It’s gorgeous heartbreak. Also, dude, the video. It’s iconic. It’s epic. That tear. OMG.

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  1. Karen Vasquez says:

    This sounds like fun. Thanks for giving me one more thing I want to make time to do. 

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