[30 Day Song Challenge] Day 21: A Song I Listen To When I’m Happy

Is there anything better than this picture?

Anyway, Day 21 is is perfect for today, since it’s my birthday. And I’m happy, not least because my Facebook wall is overloaded with people writing “Happy Birthday!” on it. It’s wonderfully moving seeing these things from people who I’ve never met in person, from my oldest friends, from my newest friends, even from my nursery school teacher. But today’s song is way too similar to Day 3’s, which is a song that makes me happy. I guess one is a song that if it comes on, I’m happy, and today is a song that I put on because I’m happy. I think they’re somewhat interchangeable, and I could answer “Express Yourself” again, but I think that would be cheating.

Anyway, I’ve found myself listening to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” when I’m in a great mood recently, and it is very happy-making. It’s her first and best song. And, because it’s my birthday, I’m going to be happy for longer than four minutes, and I’m adding on Miley Cyrus’s “Party in the USA,” which I just adore in so many, admittedly wrong, ways. For me, it’s pure joy.

Dance! Dance! Dance! Party! Party! Party!

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  1. mom says:

    Happy birthday, Teddy. xo Mom

    For my birthday, I have been getting discounts and $ for all the retailers I frequent!  The winner is Coldwater Creek for $25.  The losser, J Jill, 5% discount!

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