Don’t Cry Out Loud

I can’t believe I admitted on the website of a major North American magazine that I cried while watching the series finale of “Felicity.” Okay, maybe Maisonneuve isn’t major yet, but it’s at least minor, rather than nonexistent. So, anyway, folks will know that I’m a crier. And that I may have almost cried while reading Charles Peirce last week. Oh, and all of this is because I cried a little while watching “In Her Shoes,” Curtis Hanson’s latest work of genius. Maybe not genius, but at least damn fine. Anyway, read it, would you? Thanks.

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  1. duane says:

    A fellow Felicity lover? It is hard for me not to cry at almost every episode of that show… I love it so much, and sometimes there is so much emotion. rent the Notebook. You will love it!

  2. bufftuff says:

    I agree, “in her shoes” was very good. I too cried when the sisters were reunited in Florida.

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