I hated “Crash”

I know y’all were waiting with bated breath for my column on “Crash,” which should have been posted three weeks ago. Well, it’s up. It’s a little better than I remember it being (and I was kinda worried about it because one of my professors wanted to read it) but it still needs some copy-editing. Well, beggers can’t be choosers. Anyhoo: I hated “Crash” and I’ll lose my shit if it wins Best Picture. (And I did.) One of the biggest problems the movie had is the scene from which this pic comes from. Some people seem to think this is where Matt Dillon’s character redeems himself–he may be a racist but he saved the black lady from a burning car! Um, whatever. He did his job. I’m sure he’s still a racist. And Thandie Newton is still traumatized from being sexually assaulted by Dillon in a previous scene. So: Whatev.

A wee quote:

In these movies, dramatic conflict almost always seems to revolve around racist monsters hurting good people, or good people suffering because of monstrous racism. The stories are nearly always appallingly violent; physically, socially and/or emotionally. There is usually one of two endings—either the racist loses and goodness prevails (A Time to Kill) or the conflicts in the story are resolved but the overall problem of racism is depicted as a shameful, endless system (Crash). Either way, I don’t need to see it.

So, please click and read and leave a comment. I’d like to know what everyone thinks about the movie.

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