I’m looking forward to not having the dreams anymore

I’ve lived in sunny (most of the time) San Diego since September 1, 2005, and I’m still having nightmares about planes flying into buildings, people running from billowing smoke, and the paralyzing dread that accompanies waiting for the next thing to happen. In this dream, I was living in Washington, DC, five blocks from the Capitol and I watched a plane soar into the front steps. And so on. It was one of those epic dreams that seemed to last forever. The only good things about the dream was that Rob was there (and he wasn’t there the first time) and so was CJ Cregg (and she always makes me feel safe).


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  1. TOS says:

    I know what you mean… everytime I drive by Rosslyn, VA I remember working @ McPaper and seeing the fireball from the Pentagon…running down 25 flights of stairs and then having a nice massive panic attack.My stomach turned a couple weeks back when the Pentagon video aired… a scene I didn’t want to see ever again – had a couple of bad dreams about that myself since then…

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