Mmm…eating Russell Crowe

These pictures have nothing to do with the fact that my review of “Cinderella Man” is up. I mean, except for the fact that Russell Crowe is in “Cinderella Man” and Russell Crowe is hot, hot, hot. Anyway, please read my column. Thanks!

(And yes, I got these pics from “The Sum of Us” from a naughty site. Click it to get a bigger version.)

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  1. sparkle shortz says:

    I heart The Sum of Us

  2. Eric says:

    Great column! We only see about one movie a month these days, so we probably won’t see it in a theater though.I love Crowe too, even though I haven’t seen his entire oeuvre. But Proof (about a blind photographer; no relation to the play) and then The Sum of Us were what first made me a fan.

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