My editor’s headline for this week’s column made me pee!

This week I wrote about Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. As you can imagine, I had more fun writing my column than seeing the movie. The headline? “Miss Congeniality 2: It’s no Miss Congeniality 1.” Hee. A selection:

I didn’t laugh until Dolly Parton showed up. Dolly isn’t funny, but in mistaking Dolly for a Dolly Parton imitator, Gracie pokes Dolly’s breasts rather forcefully. It’s more or less the same joke that Austin Powers used when he slurred, “She’s a man, baby!” and tried to pull off an old woman’s wig. But it wasn’t a wig—it was her hair! And they’re not fake breasts—they’re Dolly’s titties! Good times, good times.

Anyway: Enjoy!

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  1. Dash Riprock says:

    Don’t tell anyone this, but I kind of liked MC1.

  2. ted says:

    I’m telling everyone!

  3. Dash Riprock says:

    but,but…that part when she sang her little song, y’know “you think I’m gooooorjus, you wanna daaate me, you wanna kiiiiiss me…”, that was pretty good. And the way she snorts when she laughs. What a cutie.

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