On Christian Bale, Kurt Russell, and Jessica Alba’s ta-tas

My new column is up on the Maisonneuve’s new website. (I’m not a fan of the redesign, but whatever.) I wrote about all of the superhero movies this summer: Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, and Sky High. I have a weakness (or affliction) for superheroes–even the Invisible Woman, even with Jessica Alba playing her–so I had a great time at the movies over the last couple months. Coincidentally, I’m selling all of my comic books on eBay. Not because I don’t love my superheroes anymore. But I don’t need to keep around copies of Power Pack and West Coast Avengers to prove my love. I will, however, never part with my copy of X-Men #137 — the final chapter of “The Phoenix Saga.” I scrimped and saved and bought it when I was 11. It’s close to my heart. I was, to say the least, flabbergasted and flumoxed when Seth didn’t bat an eye when Zach brought his copy of #137 to a charity auction. (Ya know, on The O.C.) He just gave it away. I screeched when I saw that. By the way, I also screeched when I saw Chris Evans in Fantastic Four. Mmm.

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    OMFG !!!!! him in fantastic four half naked and on fire? probably one the hottest things I’ve ever witnessed literally and figuratively.. one of the best moments of my life maybe… lol

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