[30 Day Song Challenge] Day 26: A Song That I Can Play On An Instrument

When I was in elementary school, I played the recorder. Not well, but I played in the school recorder club. Occasionally, I find myself fingering the first few bars to “Hanukkah, O, Hanukkah.” Weird. (This version is adorbs.) In junior high, I started taking piano lessons. I liked it, and I wanted to be good, but I couldn’t be bothered to practice. I did make an attempt to play “Für Elise,” and I nailed it at home (not like this lady nails it, of course), but when my teacher had a mini recital, I bombed it. I was mortified, and like a good self-defeater, I never played again. But I can still play “Mary Had A Little Lamb.” W00t! Right?

Oh, and Paul McCartney and Wings did an awesome, if utterly bizarre, version of it, too. Who knew?