It’s a pathetic life

I’ll probably get hate mail (and I loooooooove hate mail!) for my latest column, which is about “It’s A Wonderful Life,” which I didn’t care for so much. Sorry. Acually, no. I’m not sorry. Anyway, take a gander. Leave a comment. God Bless.

Don’t Cry Out Loud

I can’t believe I admitted on the website of a major North American magazine that I cried while watching the series finale of “Felicity.” Okay, maybe Maisonneuve isn’t major yet, but it’s at least minor, rather than nonexistent. So, anyway, folks will know that I’m a crier. And that I…

The Sound Of A Bomb

After a long hiatus–ya know, moving and stuff–I have new column up at Maisy. It’s about the end of summer disaster movie. I’m not referring to disaster movies like Earthquake or Dante’s Peak, but rather sucky movies released at the end of the summer to hide them from the press,…

Mmm…eating Russell Crowe

These pictures have nothing to do with the fact that my review of “Cinderella Man” is up. I mean, except for the fact that Russell Crowe is in “Cinderella Man” and Russell Crowe is hot, hot, hot. Anyway, please read my column. Thanks! (And yes, I got these pics from…

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