[30 Day Song Challenge] Day 22: A Song I Listen To When I’m Sad

Again, this is too much like Day 4. WTF? And again, I’ll split the hair and say that this is probably meant to be a song that I will play when I’m sad in order to fell… happier? sadder? Well, when I’m sad, a happy song will just annoy me. I prefer to wallow a bit, even find something that will break the seal and make me cry. The few things that will do it are songs from tragic gay loves stories — psychoanalyze that — specifically “What Would I Do?” from Falsettos (there’s that show again) and anything that Gustavo Santaolalla wrote for the Brokeback Mountain sountrack; I’ve included “The Wings” and the Emmylou Harris-sung “A Love That Will Never Grow Old.”

For a limited time: WHAT WOULD I DO with Stephen Bogardus

Michael Rupert | Myspace Video

[30 Day Song Challenge] Day 5: A Song That Reminds Me of Someone

When I was in college, my most over-the-top, crazypants, tortured love affair was with a talented, if a bit bat-shit crazy, actor. Shortly after we started seeing each other, he starred in Falsettos. When I hear any song from Falsettos, I think of him, but “What More Can I Say?” is the one he would sing to me. While he was on stage. Acting, schmacting: His boyfriend was in the audience, and that was a love song, and that boyfriend turned to a quivering mess of Jell-O when being sung to. Ah, young love. Ah, stupid, stupid, stupid young love. Anyway, here’s a grainy video of the original Marvin, Michael Rupert, singing the song. The photo here is from a clearly much sexier version of the show that ran in San Francisco a few years ago.