[30 Day Song Challenge] Day 14: A Song No one Would Expect Me to Love

Or maybe, after seeing the first 13 days of these, it won’t be so surprising that I adore “One of Us” by Joan Osborne. Or maybe, if you know me pretty well and have read my blog for a while, it’s not so shocking to you that I don’t share the rabid atheist, anti-theist beliefs of many of my political compatriots. (I will freely and gleefully mock and deride the cruelly un-Christ-like behavior and personages of demagogues and loons like Kirk Cameron, Tony Perkins, Miles McPherson, Maggie Gallagher, Jim Garlow, William Donohue, and their hideous friends. Donahue, who is an opponent to free thought, compassion, love, and anything remotely Jesus-like, attacked the song for being anti-Catholic, though he couldn’t explain how referencing the Pope talking to God on the telephone would be considered anti-Catholic. That said, I don’t have any need to be anything but appreciative and amazed and just a tad jealous of the non-fundie faithful.) And this song makes the quest for the belief in God into a searching, questioning, and deeply populist process, which as an agnostic and someone often told he’s going to Hell, I find quite endearing, even moving. Also, the tune has a hook and a melody that make it singalong-in-the-car awesome.